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Last updated on September 17, 2022

Standard Horizon GX6000 Review

If you want to get the finest marine electronics, Standard Horizon is a brand you can trust building both fixed mount and handheld VHF radios. With over 50 years of skin in the game, Standard Horizon has a reputation for creating marine electronics that boaters need. The manufacturer boasts of coming up with innovative technologies that are capable of withstanding the marine life not to mention reliable AIS and GPS technologies.

For that reason, we checked out the Standard Horizon GX6000 which proved to be an easy to operate commercial grade fixed mount marine radio with a 25 w VHF transmitter. It boasts of a built-in 80dB receiver that works well to reduce overload or external interference for clarity and quality performance.

GX6000 Specifications:

  • Programmable CPA and TCPA collision avoidance alarms
  • Integrated AIS receiver
  • Advanced 80 dB commercial grade distance attenuator
  • Front panel microphone
  • Intuitive menu design
  • GPS compass with a GPS and Waypoint status pages
  • Compatible with  NMEA2000 and NMEA0183
  • Push to enter rotary channel knob
  • 32 code (FVP-42) and 4 code (CVS2500A) voice scramblers
  • Waterproof design with a 3-year warranty
standard horizon gx6000 side view

Features of the GX6000:


The Standard Horizon GX6000 is feature rich. It delivers the long-awaited combination of a Class B AIS with a VHF transceiver that makes up a critical marine communication system.  At its price range, the Standard Horizon GX6000 is practically a steal considering the fact that it is an advanced 80dB commercial grade fixed mount marine radio with a dual zone 25 W hailer. The hailer is programmable which means it can be used for sending out signals and listening back. 

Different stations:

standard horizon gx6000 front panel

One of its best features is the fact that it supports up to 4 cordless RAM 4W remote mics from a maximum distance of 65 feet from the antenna. Basically, you can use the Standard Horizon GX6000 to set up different stations while having all of them get full control of the AIS display as well as the base. 

Power consumption:

When it comes to power, the onboard 1800 Ah-Li-ion battery can power the Standard Horizon GX6000 for up to 14 hours which is a remarkable amount of time considering what you get with options from other companies.  In fact, the Standard Horizon GX6000 comes with a water activated emergency strobe light that is common on handheld VHF marine radios. This feature is easily programmable for quick access whenever there is trouble.

Sending alerts:

The built-in AIS receiver is another innovative feature of this VHF marine radio. Through the receiver, you can directly contact an AIS ship to show your vessels locations in relation to the AIS target. You can use the AIS receiver to send alerts with the name of your boat, the MMSI number, call sign, the BRG, SOG, and COG information.

Voice scrambler:

The Standard Horizon GX6000 also comes with an integrated voice scrambler that comes in handy when you need to have private communications. It’s a 32 code scrambler that you can use to select a channel to scramble with an extra code between the receiver and the transmitter to establish a secure communication channel. The voice scrambler is compatible with all standard horizon 4 code scramblers.

PA or Hailer:

The 25W loud hailer on the Standard Horizon GX6000 is another feature that proves to be quite useful for most boaters as it helps broadcast your voice to line handlers or any other person on the doc.

Overall, the Standard Horizon GX6000 is an easy to use plug and play device that can help increase the safety level of your boat. It has an integrated voice recorder that can play back up to two minutes of received audio.  With a dimension of 13.4 x 8.9 x 9.9 inches and a weight of only 6.9 pounds, this fixed mount VHF marine radio is one of the most intuitive and functional devices for boaters.

GX6000 vs GX 1700W

If you are on a tight budget the Standard Horizon GX1700W marine VHS radio can be a good option as well. Apart from being cheaper than the GX6000, it also features a 3 inch LCD display, 25 W transmitting power and a programmable dual watch and priority scan. In fact, things get much easier with the GX1700W as you won’t need to think about wiring the radio to a GPS. 

Standard Horizon GX1700B Standard Explorer GPS VHF Marine Radio - Black

Basically, this fixed mount marine radio comes with a DSC calling ready design that you can use to share your vessels positions right out of the box. You also get a rear case with this device that can come in handy when flush mounting the radio in right areas.  Similar to the GX6000 the GX1700W comes with programmable soft keys not to mention a capacity for connecting it to the second station with a RAM3 remote. However, you cannot connect it with up to 4 wireless remotes as is the case with the GX6000. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Waterproof design
  • Features a loud hailer
  • Reliable performance


  • Slightly expensive but worth it.

Final thoughts:

There is no denying that the Standard Horizon GX 6000 is a glimpse into the future of VHF marine radios. This device is full of useful features that are still futuristic 2 years after the introduction of the GX 6000 and the GX 6500 to the market. Prior to their introduction into the VHF marine radio industry, most boaters had a lot of expectations on their performance, price, and utility. Now, the GX6000 boasts of being one of the most popular commercial grade fixed mount VHF radios out there.

However, if you are looking for something on a budget, Standard Horizon is full of many alternatives. According to our research, we identified the GX1700 as one of the best alternatives that Standard Horizon has to offer. It comes with the same output power and is built with a compact design that is easy to use and mount just about anywhere in your boat. If you still haven't made up your mind our picks for the best marine VHF radio shows several alternatives loved by boaters.

About the author  Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.