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How to choose VHF antenna for your 2-way marine radio?

Once you decided on a VHF fixed mount marine radio, you need to get an antenna for it. A proper antenna height and gain (measured in dB) will provide a reliable connection for your radio.

dB is an important factor when you choose an antenna. As we previously mentioned on our homepage, a higher dB rating means a more focused area of transmission and is recommended for more stable powerboats, while a lower dB rating (typically 3dB) is better suited for sailboats.

For majority of powerboats (24 to 32 ft) a good choice would be 8ft antenna with 6dB gain rating.

​3ft-5ft VHF antenna and 3 dB rating is recommended for vessels under 24ft.

Materials that are used in construction will play a crucial role on lifespan of your antenna. You should be looking at antenna that are made of fiberglass or stainless steel.

Once you choose your VHF antenna, keep in mind that proper installation and placement is crucial to proper antenna functioning. Since the waves that are used by VHF radio operate on line of site principle, the higher the antenna - the further it will work!

Top Rated Marine Antenna Mounts

Most of the antennas that you buy now will usually come with a coaxial cable and a connector. However, you will need to purchase a mount separate to secure the antenna to the boat.

Here are the best selling VHF antenna mounts on the markets today:

Top Rated VHF Antenna Cables

Coax (coaxial) cable is designed to transmit signal from antenna to your radio with as little signal loss as possible. As soon as the signal enters the cable, it begins to loose power. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend to choose the largest coax cable you can fit since the signal loss is reduced.

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