Marine Communication

marine communication

When you out on the water being able to communicate is vitally important whether it be with other boats or people on land. While you will most certainly have your cell phone with you, they usually do not work well on the water not the mention that fact that you may accidentally drop it in the water.

VHF Marine Radios

VHF radios are the main method of communication used by boaters. They come in a variety of types including handheld and fixed mount. Many of the more expensive VHF radios come with GPS which may boaters prefer.

Handheld VHF radios typically have 5 watts of power and a range of a few miles while fixed mount vhf radios have up to 25 watts of power and a range of over 30 miles with the right antenna and weather conditions.

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GPS, PLB and Other Emergency Devices

There are also SOS or distress beacons that can also be used in an emergency to signal the Coast Guard if you need to be rescued. There are a few different types of SOS/distress beacons: they include emergency radios with NOAA and personal locator beacons which have saved many people’s lives.

Marine Radar while not a form of communication allows you see storms and upcoming obstacles in rough seas and at night. Marine radar is a necessity on larger boats while smaller boats usually will not need to have it.

The newest models have touchscreens, WiFi capability and have built in fish finders on the most expensive models.

Marine communications encompass many different devices and as technology continues to evolve there are bound to be many more forms of communication that will make communicating on the water even easier. Check back often as we continue to publish new reviews around the latest in marine communications.

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