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Last updated on September 17, 2022

Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 review

Humminbird has been a common name when it comes to fish finders for many years. Anglers have relied on the brand for the past 40 years and so far, it hasn’t let them down.

The Helix 5 series is part of many of Humminbird’s groundbreaking innovations. It features seven models that have been designed to suit the modern-era angler. It consists of the Helix 5:

  • Chirp GPS G2
  • Chirp GPS G2 PT
  • Sonar G2 PT
  • Chirp D1 GPS G2
  • DI G2
  • Chirp SI GPS G2
  • Chirp GPS G2

The models have been fitted with cutting-edge technologies that include the accurate broadband CHIRP Sonar, the sleek Reflex interface, the Auto Chart Live and the amazing Imaging sonar. The Helix 5 series also has the Dual Beam Plus Switchfire feature that goes the extra mile to ensure that anglers have the best time. The feature controls the appearance of the sonar returns. The Switchfire feature is complex but essentially what it does it help to determine the relative size of the fish in the water and then show that on screen.

Differences between the models:

While the similarities between the models may be overwhelming, they also have a few differences that vary from model to model. They include: 

  • The Helix 5 Chirp GPS PT comes with its own state-of-the-art portable carrying bag. This is not the case with the other models.
  • The GPS G2 has a slightly larger display with 7 inches while the rest of the models feature a 5-inch display.
  • Most of the models boast of a maximum depth of 1500ft but the DI GPS G2 stands out as the only one in the series that has a 600ft maximum depth capability.

Helix 5 Chirp G2 Review:

The Helix 5 Chirp G2 is arguably the best fish finder of the 7 fish finder models and here is a comprehensive look at its features:

High-End display:

The Helix Chirp G2 features a remarkable 800H x 480V 5” WVGA display and a 16-bit TFT color type display.

It further projects an outstanding 256 colors with impressive LED backlight.

Autochart live:

When using this fish finder, you can create the most detailed maps without missing any element. You can easily capture every nitty-gritty detail from the scanty vegetation, bottom roughness to the depth of contours. This is all thanks to its Autochart live feature that also includes an impressive 8-hour record time.

With the Helix 5 Chirp G2, creating charts has never been simpler.

Micro SD Card slot:

The fish finder has a slot for micro SD cards. This enables anglers to save waypoints every now and then without having to worry about storage. The slot is also valuable for those who fish using their own maps.

The card slot is conveniently located on the machine’s left side so one won’t have any trouble finding it.


The machine enables you to fish more by reducing the time one would ordinarily spend searching for spots. You can easily get results for the best fishing spots instantly, by settling your parameters correctly. This is because of its smartstrike feature that saves time while out on the water.

Portable design:

With a size of about 1.1 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches and 10.1 pounds, you can easily carry it during your fishing excursions, as the machine can comfortably fit in any medium-sized bag pack. With the G2 fishfinder, portability is the least of your worries.

Dual beam technology:

Sonar returns are very crucial for anglers. The Chirp G2 has enhanced the fishing experience by giving you the power to control the appearance of your sonar returns. At the touch of a button, you can easily change your fishing conditions thanks to its two exclusive display modes.

You can seamlessly increase or decrease detail, know how deep the water is and even account for the fishing spot’s temperature. On the other hand, experimental anglers can play with the lure presentations as much as they want.

High depth capability:

The Chirp G2 has a maximum depth capability of 2500 feet. It is very convenient for those who love searching for fish in the deepest parts of the waters. Unlike the majority of the fishfinders, it displays images that are at the lakes’ rock bottom. However, this is achieved by setting the depth correctly and zooming in until one gets a clear image.

Easier mounting:

With the efficient gimbal mount, you can effortlessly attach the fishfinder to the boat and search for fishing spots accurately. This is a successor to the previously less-than -satisfactory mounting system that anglers used in previous models.

GPS Mapping:

The Helix 5 Chirp features a new and improved basemap that is more accurate and detail-oriented. The GPS system gets up-to-date data from credible sources like NOAA and Lakemaster that include the best fishing spots, depth contours and navigation aids.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Has a high resolution
  • No trouble mounting
  • Impressive side/down imaging


  • Doesn’t come with a screen cover
  • No portable carrier


Does the Helix 5 Have Down Imaging Capabilities?

Yes, it does.

Does the GPS show past routes or where you have been that day?

Yes, it has the option of saving  trips so you know where you have been in the past relative to your current location.

Will the Helix 5 show the depth when going above trolling speed?

Yes, however the faster you are going the farther you will have traveled since the signal was sent meaning the faster you are going the less accurate the reading will be.

Is the Helix 5 suitable for deep sea fishing over 1500ft?

No, it is not suitable for fishing at those depths.

What kind of transducer is included with the Helix 5?

The Helix 5 includes a transducer that must be mounted which means it would not be ideal for kayaks.

Final thoughts:

The main limitation when it comes to the Helix 5 chirp G2 is its lack of a suitable carrier and included screen cover; although one can be purchased separately Apart from this, it has a very impressive set of features from the 4000W PTP power output, Chirp DualBeam technology and the Unimap cartography. Its high-resolution display will maximize the fishing experience. At the same time, its precision GPS will enhance the accuracy. These features are great especially when compared to its low price. It is its affordability that gives it a huge advantage over other fish finders.

You will definitely get value for your money with this model.

About the author  Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.