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Last updated on September 17, 2022

BOSS Audio MGR350B Marine Gauge Receiver review

Ever had the annoying sound of water lapping against your boat interrupt your favorite song while you were cruising? It can be irritating right? Finding a capable marine sound system to block out unwanted noise can be tough will all the choices currently available.

The Boss MCKGB350 audio system is the ideal solution to provide quality sounds while you’re sailing. For starters, you’re getting a product from a trusted name in the industry, that has been around for three decades. With its products sold in 130 countries around the globe, you know you’re purchasing quality. 

Quick Answer:

The Boss MCKGB350 marine stereo can blast your favorite tunes with its 6.5" speakers and digital media receiver. The entire system is waterproofed and durable to withstand the most tumultuous voyages.

It connects to your SmartPhone and streams music seamlessly via Bluetooth. This marine stereo is considered as one of the best budget marine radios currently available. It’s highly sought after for its impeccable sound quality and complete marinized accreditation. 

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the MCKGB350 and highlight the features that caught our eye.

Key Features

These superior features are what makes the MCKGB350 stand out:

BOSS Audio MGR350B Marine Gauge Receiver - Bluetooth, Digital Media MP3 Player, (No CD Player), USB Port, AM/FM Radio, Weatherproof

Power Output:

You get a total output of 180W at full capacity and 90W RMS speaker strength for the set. It’s fitted with pre-amp outputs to increase your sound with more amps.


It has multiple inputs that connect to an aux cable so you can play music via your SmartPhone or use an MP3 player. You can also connect to the audio system via a USB cable or charge your phone with the USB input. The Bluetooth functionality allows you to stream music from your favorite apps or your unique playlist. It comes with an antenna for marine use specifically and transmits perfectly even when you’re far from land. You can listen to the news or sports scores via the AM/FM tuner.

BOSS Audio Systems MGR350B Marine Gauge Receiver - Bluetooth, Digital Media MP3 Player, no CD Player, USB Port, AM FM Radio, Weatherproof


The radio and speakers are fully waterproofed & can withstand extreme weather conditions. Quality materials were used in the manufacturing process to protect it against UV damage. The speakers are secured with rubber around the edges in case it falls.


The entire system is lightweight and conveniently portable. The receiver weighs 2.1lb and the speakers 3.3lb individually. The height of the entire system doesn’t exceed 4.5", so it doesn’t require much space for installation. You’re basically looking at a 3.5” x 3.5”x 3” audio system usefully packaged to carry in one go.

BOSS Audio Systems MGR350B Marine Gauge Receiver - Bluetooth, Digital Media MP3 Player, no CD Player, USB Port, AM FM Radio, Weatherproof


It comes with two black round speakers that are fully marinized. The gauge receiver is slightly smaller than the speakers and round in shape. You can connect a marine subwoofer to the speakers if you need more volume. The powerful speakers are pretty loud so you might have no need for subwoofers.

BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350B.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge Receiver and Speaker Package - IPX6 Receiver, 6.5 Inch Speakers, Bluetooth Audio, USB, MP3, AM/FM, NOAA Weather Band Tuner, No CD Player


The LED screen of the receiver is relatively small but displays all the necessary information you need from a radio. It’s easy to navigate through the menu with the push buttons on the face of the receiver. It lights up when a message is broadcast and keeps time. The radio is fully protected against water and has an IPX6 rating.


You get a three-year warranty if you buy this product online. The normal warranty is one year with an option to extend to two years. The warranty will cover any defects as a result of poor workmanship.


  • Protected against corrosion and water damage
  • Strong and stable AM/FM connectivity
  • EQ preset lets you select different genres of music
  • Receives any transmission in North America or Europe
  • Displays song names or sport scores
  • Can broadcast a message up to 64 characters


  • Not compatible with CD or DVD inputs
  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Limited warranty if you don’t buy the system online

Customer Reviews

It’s always interesting to find out what other consumers are saying about a product. It helps you make an informed decision based on personal experience by other users. These are some of the customer reviews we came across when reviewing the Boss MCKGB350.

One satisfied customer said the first time she took her boat out for a sail with the new MCKGB350 installed, she was blown away by its superior sound quality. She was convinced she would need subwoofers to enhance the sound for the party on the boat but didn’t need it at all. Perfect clarity and loud music all day.

Another customer expressed his surprise at how easy it was to use the RDS tuner to broadcast messages. He also loved that the marine antenna didn’t lose connection while he was out on the water listening to his favorite sports broadcast. His team won and he was ecstatic he didn’t miss the game while out sailing with family.

One suggestion posted by another user was to include CD and DVD inputs as their absence limits your listening experience. This customer was old-school and had all his music on CD & couldn’t play it while he was sailing. He was thankful for the AM/FM radio that at least allowed him to listen to the news.

Final Thoughts

Opting for a marine radio such as the Boss MCKGB350 is a beneficial investment. It can carry sound across noisy waters and is fully weatherproof. It comes with an antenna for easy tuning to an FM or AM station. It comes in handy if you need to broadcast an urgent message.

The sleek modern design is lightweight and super portable. It won’t stick out like a sore thumb as it blends in well with the dashboard interior of most boats. You have multiple connectivity options to access your favorite music, uninterrupted. It’s packed with sufficient power to last you a long time while you’re on board and can also keep your mobile phone charged up via the USB input. 

Enjoy your time aboard with this efficient audio system today and let us know if it met your expectations. 

About the author  Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.