Best Transom Saver To Get in 2024

Last updated on March 31, 2024

Do you wince every time you hit a bump in the road while traveling with your trailered boat? Do you dread the thought of hooking your boat up to your trailer for fear of damaging it? Or do you simply want to do whatever you can to protect your boat?

If you found yourself nodding along in agreement to the questions above, we’ve got good news for you: a transom saver could put an end to all of those fears.

Our Top 7 Best Transom Saver Picks:

1. Attwood SP-400-RB 23” – 35” Composite Head Transom Saver with Roller and Bolt Bracket

The Attwood SP-400-RB is praised by boat owners and transporters around the world for its high quality materials, rugged design & durable construction. This product is made with aluminum and is adjustable from 23” to 25”.

Do you need a roller bracket or trailer mount bracket? The Attwood SP-400-RB 23” – 35” comes with both for your convenience.

2. Attwood SP-424-ADJ-RB Heavy Duty Transom Saver

Attwood sure seems to be solidifying itself as an industry leader given how many superior products they’re releasing to the market. One such product is the Attwood SP-424-ADJ-RB. This high quality steel transom saver is adjustable from 32” to 44”.

We love that the head’s heavy-duty rubber pads are replaceable, so just purchase a new one once the head is worn down. The Attwood SP-424-ADJ-RB comes with a roller bracket and trailer mount bracket so you can attach it to your trailer whichever way you’d prefer.

3. Attwood 10107 Lock N’ Stow for Outboard Trailering

The third and final Attwood product to earn its place on our list is the 10107 Lock N’ Stow for Outboard Trailering. Specifically designed to fit Mercury engines and outboards, this high quality straight transom saver is constructed with powder-coated steel & stainless steel pins for extreme durability.

The compact mount Attwood 10107 Lock N’ Stow for Outboard Trailering fits Mercury’s 225-HP EFI and 250-HP EFI outboards. It accommodates the following engines: 200 OptiMax, 250 OptiMax, 225 HP-EFI, and 250-HP EFI.

4. Extreme Max 21” to 31” Straight Transom Saver

The Extreme Max can extend from 21” to 31” to promote even weight distribution on vessels of all sizes. Its strong steel construction and rubber V-block makes for ultimate protection.

You’re spoiled for choice in terms of connecting the saver to the trailer. Extreme Max has included a roller mount and a robust rubber strap to make sure that the outboard doesn’t come loose from the V-block.

5. Extreme Max 3001.1068 Adjustable Heavy-Duty Universal Transom Saver

Another Extreme Max product that made the cut is the 3001.1068 Adjustable Heavy-Duty Universal Transom Saver. This fully adjustable 28” to 59” transom saver is specifically designed to facilitate even and optimal weight distribution. A rubber V-block provides shock resistance while its plated finish ensures strength and rust-resistance.

The Extreme Max comes with an over-the-roller cradle as well as a mounting bracket so whether your trailer has rollers or not, you’ll be able to safely attach your boat using this transom saver. For added safety, a rubber strap is also included.

6. SeaSense Adjustable Motor Support Bracket

SeaSense is the brains behind this fully Adjustable Support Bracket. Their product is constructed with the highest quality aluminum and is adjustable from 34” to 46”.

If you own multiple boats, you’ll appreciate that the SeaSense Adjustable Support Bracket is universal and can be used on transoms of all shapes & sizes. It comes with a sturdy set of rubber straps as well as a bolt-on trailer adapter.

7. Five Oceans Adjustable Motor Support Bracket Transom Saver

The last transom saver to find its way onto our list is the Adjustable Motor Support Bracket from Five Oceans. This product is a dual-mount motor bracket support strut that has rubber shock absorbers to prevent damage. The Five Oceans Adjustable Motor Support Bracket is adjustable from 20½” to 31”.

Its adjustable properties mean that this transom saver can accommodate most boats, which is great for those who own more than one boat. This durable transom saver has universal-fit rubber motor and roller mounts incorporated into its design as well as a 10” rubber strap. A bolt-on trailer adapter with a quick-release pin makes using this model as convenient as can be.

Buying Guide

Why You Need a Transom Saver

moving a boat on a trailer

In order to understand why you need a transom saver, you need to know what it is and what it does. They are designed to protect your boat’s transom from stress while it’s being trailered.

How a transom saver works is simple. It supports the weight of an outboard motor and prevents it from placing added stress on the transom caused by the bouncing around that comes from traveling over bumpy roads or uneven terrain.

Boatbuilders, we aren’t suggesting that the structural integrity of your hull is inferior. We’re just saying that boat-owners have the right to add extra security measures to protect their notable investment.

Are they a must-have for the modern-day boat owner, or simply a marketing ploy aimed to separate you from your dollar? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of Transom Savers

boat on a trailer

Transom savers are simple tools that serve a simple purpose: protect your boat during trailering. But from this purpose stems many other benefits. Here’s a look at some of the most prominent benefits to using transom savers:

  • They are cost-effective. And even if they weren’t, would you rather spend a small amount of money purchasing a transom saver or fork out thousands of dollars for an avoidable repair job?
  • On top of protecting the transom, a transom saver will also decrease the level of wear and tear of the outboard motor pivots & hydraulics.
  • They’re low maintenance. Maintaining a transom saver is as easy as it can be. All you’ll need to do is inspect its integrity, check it before each use and give it a good scrub with soap & water every once in a while.
  • Transom savers bring with them peace of mind. You’ll feel more confident knowing that you’ve taken extra precautions to ensure your boat’s safety while traveling.

A Few More Things to Consider When Shopping for a Transom Saver

Looking at those benefits, there’s no denying that a transom saver is a worthwhile investment, despite it not being classed as an absolute necessity by some. But before diving right in and purchasing one to enjoy its benefits for yourself, there are a few important factors to consider.


The length of a transom saver is perhaps the most important consideration when deciding which will work best for your boat. They vary in length with some being as short as 20” and others being longer than 60”.

Make sure that you select a transom saver that is the perfect length to accommodate your boat and provide sufficient road clearance whilst transporting it on a trailer. Too long and your boat won’t be properly secure while too short & you’ll be placing additional strain on your transom.

Angled or Straight?

angled transom saver

There are two types of transom savers available on the market: angled and straight. The type of transom saver you pick needs to be determined by your outboard motor setup.

Some outboard setups call for a straight transom saver while others require an angled transom saver. Ensure that you take a look at your outboard motor set up before purchasing a transom saver to make sure you pick the best transom saver for your unique needs.


The installation process of a transom saver is straight forward. You need to simply connect the saver to the rear roller of the boat trailer and ensure that weight is being distributed properly. For proper installation, you’ll need to read through its specific user manual to avoid making any mistakes.

During your research, if a transom saver seems to have a complicated installation, you might want to save yourself the time and effort by opting for one that is easy to install.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your boat end up in the scrapyard instead of on the sea. Look after your boat and become a more confident captain.

Any of the seven best transom savers we’ve reviewed today will serve your boat well. It’s up to you to decide which one ticks all of your boxes. No matter which transom saver you opt for, you’re taking the steps needed to protect your boat.

The question isn’t WHETHER you should invest in a transom saver; the question is WHICH one will you be investing in.

About the author  Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.