Best Marine Leaning Posts – Buying Guide

Last updated on May 10, 2021

Best Marine Leaning Posts

The most basic addition to your boat can make the biggest difference. And we’re not only talking about aesthetics. After you’ve installed a leaning post—no, not a basic seat—on your boat, you’ll instantly transform the level of safety and practicality on board.

How does this work? We tell all below, to help you pick yours for this year’s water adventures. Want one for your boat now? We list some of the most impressive ones on the market currently. 

Here are our picks for the Best Marine Leaning Post you can buy:

1. Dolphin T Tops 28" Leaning Post

This is a very basic design, which makes for easy installation and it won’t rob you of much space on deck. On this model Dolphin, T Tops added a rod at the back of the leaning post. This provides space for you to add your rod holder, so it’s a practical investment. You can also add a backrest by using this sturdy tubing as support.

Note that it’s meant for center console boats. You’ll find it relatively easy to install it because even though it’s very sturdy, it’s not as heavy as you may think. This makes for easy assembly and DIY installation.

We were impressed with the excellent workmanship on the different parts, so you can be sure everything will line up as expected.

  • 28” long 
  • 15.7” wide/deep
  • 30” tall to top of the seat

2. Fishmaster T-Tops & Accessories Leaning Post with Folding Foot Rest and Three Rod Holders

This is such a minimalistic design, but you’ll be surprised how many features the brand succeeded in working into the layout. The brand uses industry-standard 6061-T6 marine-grade aluminum. This is ideal for any boater, whether you enjoy boating for relaxation or fishing:

  • There’s enough space underneath the seating area to place a large cooler; even one that can take 72 quarts will fit. So, you can host multiple friends on your boat and everyone’s drinks will be kept chilled. 
  • For the fishermen, this leaning post comes standard with three-rod holders.

You’ll appreciate the footrest which you can flip up or down, depending on your needs. It offers comfort while you’re seated, but take it out of the way if you need space to stand and control the boat. Even the seat proves that a lot went into the design: it’s contoured, so it’s easy to slide off the front quickly if you need to tend to a rod or check something on board.

Thanks to expert design it will take you less than 60 minutes to have your new leaning post in place. 

  • 33.25” high
  • 36” long seat
  • 16” wide structure with an 11” wide seat

3. Taco Metals Marine Neptune II Leaning Post with Soft Pack Storage

Here is another leaning post that’s ideal if you need practical storage space on board. Know that it’s designed with boats in mind that are under 25ft long. You pay a little more for this one, but the practicality of the design makes it worth the expense.

This leaning post looks stylish with its gleaming tubing and the white seating on top. It will give your boat some aesthetic value. The unique feature on this one is the movable seat that reveals storage space underneath. You can use your own containers in this soft pack storage area, but the brand also sells a bag specifically designed for that alcove.

You’ll also have space underneath the structure to place your cooler or other items. And yes, this one comes with rod holders: a total of four! The well-designed unit fits together easily, for easy installation. The brand provides detailed instructions to follow. Just make sure you received the correct manual for the model you purchased.

  • 34” long seat
  • 14” deep seat
  • 32.5” high
  • Weight: 52lb

4. Welding World 36" Hot Fixie LX Leaning Post

This leaning post is sure to enhance the look of your boat with the sleek lines and shiny metal components. The brand uses anodized schedule 40 TIG fillet welded 6061-T6 aluminum.

Once again, anyone will enjoy using this one, thanks to four-rod holders already installed and space for your cooler underneath the seat. Keep it secure with the provided ballistic Velcro strap. It’s strong enough to keep your belongings secure even in rough waters. Thanks to the clean design you can open the top of a cooler, without anything blocking the cover. This brand thought of everything! The minimalistic design makes it easy to install. 

  • 36” long seat
  • 32.5” high seat
  • 14” wide structure

5. Welding World 38" Fixie Deluxe Stage II Tournament Edition Leaning Post

Here’s another seat that has everything the avid fisherman could want. This design offers you more than one storage option. You can place items underneath the seat in the storage area, but best of all is the nifty storage design: your new seat comes standard with tackle boxes that slide into the section under the seat. There’s even an embedded bottle opener. Also, secure your cooler underneath on the floor. Once again, as with the model reviewed above, you’ll have a strong nylon strap to keep it in place.

Your comfort is also guaranteed thanks to the unique foothold and handholds. Both enable firm grip thanks to them being ribbed and molded respectively. Four feet keep the leaning post in place and they’re fairly easy to secure to your boat. 

  • 33” high seat
  • 17” deep
  • 38” long seat

Buying a Leaning Post? What to Consider

For those who aren’t in the know yet, a leaning post is installed on a boat, usually behind the helm. They’re quite high—not as low as a normal chair would be.

These structures are positioned in such a way that you can easily use the boat’s controls while leaning against this structure. This gives you some support if the conditions are rough. Since it’s mostly about safety, it’s imperative you purchase one of high quality that won’t buckle when you put all your weight against it.

Also, compare its features with your needs. If you enjoy fishing your leaning post must be designed with fishermen in mind, offering you rod holders and a place to store tackle. Pick a soft, luxurious surface and you’ll find it comfortable even during long sessions on the water.

The Benefits of Having a Quality Leaning Post

A leaning post is installed for a few main reasons and benefits:

  1. Safety: When your leaning post is positioned correctly it will offer you the necessary support so you won’t fall over when you are in rough waters. This means whoever is managing the controls will stay in control of the situation, instead of having no one steer the boat. 
  2. Comfort: Depending on the design, your leaning post can offer you some comfort in terms of seating. You can install these structures all over your boat to provide support and seating for passengers.
  3. Storage: Many leaning posts provide additional storage space on board the boat for coolers or bags, so you’re not using up other valuable floor space on the boat. 
  4. Assisting navigation: Shorter individuals may find it beneficial to view the surrounding area from a higher vantage point. If you’re navigating where people fish you may have a better view of everyone’s lines when you get onto the leaning post and steer from there. 

You can see how one component affects almost everything on the boat. 

Handy Tips

Obtaining a marine leaning post and maintaining yours can be DIY jobs; you don’t always need to pay a professional to help you. 

What if the Seat Gets Wet?

Most marine leaning posts have foam seats that are covered with fabrics that don’t retain water. They’re made for life on the water, so moisture won’t damage them! A simple wipe down with a vinyl cleaner is all you need to keep them clean.

Installing Your Leaning Post

Luckily, installing a leaning post is fairly easy, so many boat owners do it themselves. You’ll follow these basic steps:

  1. Use the manual to assemble the entire leaning post.
  2. Position it +/- 12” away from your console, where you’ll find it comfortable to use. Test if you can use all the controls without the post obstructing movement.
  3. Now check below if that position allows you to drill holes without damaging anything underneath.
  4. Mark the mounting holes while the unit is in place.
  5. Set the post aside to drill the holes.
  6. You can add sealant to each foot before screwing them in place with your bolts. You can also add backing plates. If you don’t have an access point to work on the underside, cut a hole that you can later cover with a deck plate or marine plywood. 

It’s scarce to find a boat without at least some sort of leaning post, but perhaps it’s time to upgrade yours? Or you’re renovating an old boat? Make sure your next journey is safe and comfortable as possible thanks to one of these units. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to upgrade your boat! And with these marine leaning posts, doing it yourself and getting it right will be easy. For fishing and relaxation: make your boat safer, more comfortable and even more practical.

About the author  Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.