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Best Marine Binoculars

Best Marine Binoculars

Do you want to go on an adventure but need the perfect apparatus to assist you with viewing objects from a distance? In this article we give you the lowdown on binoculars, supporting all outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Binoculars are essentially two telescopes mounted together on a single frame, to provide a magnified stereoscopic view of distant objects. Binoculars use curved lenses shaped like a dome, which refracts light, giving the viewer a 3-dimensional image. To create the 3-dimensional image convex and concave lenses are used simultaneously. 

Some parts of the binocular were invented as early as the 12th century. Roger Bacon developed the first magnifying glass in 1250 which uses the same concept for the lenses used in binoculars. He wrote about how short-sightedness could be solved by using an object to magnify an item or newspaper when reading. After the fact, craftsmen would cut thin pieces of glass, setting them into frames so that people could wear them over their eyes thus leading to the invention of spectacles.

The concept of the binocular was invented by a man named Hans Lippershey in 1608 who created the convex and concave lenses. He was asked to use his invention to create two telescopes and put them side by side. Hans did this but his invention was rejected as the lenses had poor magnification. 

The binocular went on to be perfected by an inventor named Ignazio Porro who created a prism system. A prism is a transparent piece of glass in the shape of a triangle refracting surfaces at an acute angle. This gives an image twice the magnification, as the two angles separate light into a range of color. Without this prism binoculars wouldn’t have been as popular, as they would be of sub-standard quality. 

A year after Hans Lippershey’s invention, Galileo Galilei, an Italian scientist went on to introduce the telescope to astronomy. With his invention, he was able to magnify up to 30 times enabling him to view objects as far as the moon. His invention is still in use to this day. 

All the parts and inventions mentioned above are used in manufacturing modern binocular technology. Today we’re able to use binoculars for several activities such as bird watching, opera, theater productions, hunting, military, and marine use. 

Let's first take a look at some of the best marine binoculars on the market:

The 7 Best Marine Binoculars

1. Steiner Commander 7x50C

Steiner Model Commander 7x50C Binoculars with HD Stabilized Compass

Best Premium Marine Binoculars

Steiner is one of the leading brands in marine optics and with the Commander series there’s no limit to the features it provides you.

The Steiner Commander 7x50C binoculars make living on the water a breeze providing outstanding viewing quality with high contrast optics. The built-in HD compass provides safe travels for the aspiring voyager, and with its weather-resistant casing, you’re able to travel in any type of conditions. 


  • Waterproof submergence of 33ft 
  • Polycarbonate rubber armor
  • HD stabilized compass 
  • Sports autofocus 
  • Comes with a floating neck strap

2. Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Compass

Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Compass

Best Pro Quality Marine Binoculars

The Steiner Navigator Pro is perfect for the recreational boater giving you bright and clear images & reduced distortion commonly experienced on moving vessels. With its individual ocular adjustment, you can customize your focus to suit your viewing. 

The Navigator Pro is suitable to use in all weather conditions and has maximum durable housing. The tubes can also be refilled with nitrogen gas when the gas runs out to prevent fog and water damage throughout its lifetime. 


  • Fog proof 
  • Shockproof 
  • Sports autofocus 
  • Waterproof submersible  
  • Fully multicolored optics
  • Floating strap comes separately
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Individual focus