Boating Gear

Boat Gear - What Should You Have on Your Boat?

Being prepared on the water requires boat owners to be in the know about the latest and greatest in marine boating gear. Boat gear not only keeps people safe while out at sea but it also significantly improves the quality of the experience for all on board. 

We took some time to break down all the things every respectable boat owner need to include on their vessels. 

Boat Gear & Entertainment

There are just some things that boats should never be caught without. Marine audio equipment is one of them.  Not only is it important for boat drivers to be able to communicate with the people on board at all times; they also need to ensure entertainment is available to a certain degree. It must be fun too, right?

Stereo systems with links to Bluetooth speakers can help create an enjoyable vibe while out on the water. You may also need to make use of marine amplifiers and subwoofers to ensure that the sound makes its way around the entire vessel. Large bodies of water have the tendency to drown sound quite drastically.

Naturally, all of these entertainment devices require power. Solar panels are the best way to ensure your boat and all batteries & chargers on board stay powered throughout the day.  

Solar panels can be added as needed. Smaller boats will require less power, while bigger ones may need the addition of multiple panels for full coverage. 

Underneath the Boat

Fish aren’t all that need to live underneath the boat; you need gear down there too. 

Boat propellers are in some ways the most important pieces of gear you can invest in. They’ll determine the speed at which your vessel is able to travel and how accurately you can maneuver through the water.  

Underwater lights are equally as valuable. The ability to take your boat on a night excursion is something many boat owners never dare to explore. The truth is, with the right gear you’ll notice very little difference between being on the water by night and by day. Quality underwater lights make this possible. 

Observation Devices

Not much good being out on the open seas if you can’t see new and interesting things. Having enough observation devices on board so that all attendees can spend time spotting marine life is what sets certain excursions apart from the rest.  

Binoculars and scopes can be purchased quite affordably. Keep them on board for when you come into contact with a pack of dolphins, for example. You and your guests will find hours of excitement making use of the scopes to track down the creatures.  

They’re also very useful should you ever need to spot something in the distance in an emergency situation. It really is a safety hazard not to have at least one or two binoculars or scopes on board every vessel.

Most people forget how much fun fish finders can be! They make use of sonar to detect fish life below the surface. 

Boating Accessories

Now we explore a side to boat gear that isn’t one hundred percent necessary, but wonderful to have in any event.

Accessories such as boat covers and Bimini boat tops add to the aesthetics of the boat & make for a more interesting exterior. They also work to protect you and your boat from the harsh elements your boat is exposed to. 

Taking it a step further: make your boat the ultimate hangout by adding a boat grill and boat cooler into the mix. What would have been just a quick excursion can turn into an entire day on the water — you’ll be able to hold and make food as needed.  

If boat grills are something you’re looking to invest in, take note that you may need to add a gas tank as well. The grill will need something to work off and solar panels definitely won’t be able to produce the energy needed.

The boat coolers industry has seen tremendous improvement in terms of technology over the years. You now have the choice of ice-based coolers or ice makers to keep your food and drink cold.

Electric coolers typically need access to some sort of power outlet or they make

use of pre-charged battery packs that last throughout the day. 

Not to be Without

While the above boating gear may be largely optional, there are other pieces of gear one should never be caught on the water without. 

A quality, working anchor windlass is one of them. The ability to hoist and lower your anchor at any time is vital to the safety of your boat & those on it. An anchor windlass works to effortlessly move the vessel’s anchor into place as needed and takes a lot of pressure off of the boat driver to do so. 

Solar panels are useful while on board, but shouldn’t be relied on as the sole energy providers. Marine inverters should be present on board every boat out on the water. They’ll power the most important elements of the vessel whether there is sun or not, ensuring the excursion stays safe and all components remain switched on.  

A marine inverter connects to the main batteries of the boat and distributes power as needed. This is necessary to keep systems such as sonar, radio control panels and speedometers working throughout the excursion. 

In the event of loss of power for whatever reason, your marine inverter will kick in and continue to power the most important systems so that you can get your vessel home safely. 


Your boat is your baby; something to cherish, invest in and want only the best for.  

The world of boating gear can be an overwhelming one with new accessories and equipment coming out year after year. Identifying the most important pieces of boat gear is the best way to go about equipping your vessel to suit your needs. You’ll love how each on enhances your experiences.

Gear up! See you on the water! 

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