Fixed Mount Marine Radios Reviews

As we mentioned on the homepage, you want to have a fixed mount VHF radio if you want to have the strongest possible signal. The  two main reason are:

  • Fixed mount radio will transmit up to 25 watts (compare that to a typical 6 watts of a handheld)
  • An external antenna will transit signal further since it is usually mounted much higher compared to a radio you hold in your hands.

Besides the increased transmitting power, these radios also have very useful features like:

  • Oversized display
  • Aquaquake draining function

So what are the best selling VHF fixed mount radios this year? Take a look at the list the we assembled. This should answer the questions you might have. 

ICOM IC-M424G 21 Compact Marine VHF Radio with Hailer Review

The ICOM IC-M424G is a compact fixed mount marine VHF radio for boaters who want all the high end features in a compact package. Large backlit LCD with intuitive interface makes it easy to read important messages on the screen as well as navigate through the menu. Active noise cancelling and bidirectional microphone is able to filter up to 90% of unwanted background noise. Integrated GPS receiver shows your current location and can be used making DSC calls.

Some of the features include:

All USA, International, and Canada ChannelsAll NOAA weather channelsIPX7 Submersible Protection to 1m for 30 minutesNMEA Interface for GPS/NAVActive noise cancellingBuilt-in class D DSC10W loud audio with public address and foghorn1 / 25 Watt SwitchableBacklit Easy to Read LCD DisplayLimited 3 Year WarrantyDimensions - 7.09 x 3.22 x 4.72 in.

What do actual users say about this radio? Are they actully happy with their purchase? Lets find out the pros, cons and what reviwers are saying about this radio. Below are the most common pros and cons that people have stated in their reviews on Amazon.

4.8 out of 5 Stars5 Total Customer reviews80% of Customers Rated the Radio 5 StarsLarge Easy to Read DisplayReliableGreat sound quality Prime Shipping EligibleNo rubber gasket for panel mounting in the package

If you have bought or used this radio please feel free to leave a comment with your expirence below to help others who may have questions.

Want to know what is the best fixed mount marine radio?
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Want to know what is the best fixed mount marine radio?
We reviewed the highest rated fixed mount marine radios and picked a few that really stand out. Take a look at what are the must have features and which ones are recommended by professionals.